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My Top 10 Holiday / Christmas Gift Ideas for Cable Cutters

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This is my third annual holiday gift guide for all of you Cable Disablers out there. These are gift ideas for those who have already dumped cable, or who want to. Compared to having cable, these gifts can save thousands of dollars over the years. What could be better than that? There should be something for every gift-giving price level. 1. Roku This year, my number one gift idea for cable-cutters is again, the Roku. The big deal for me was that they added voice search – much easier to use than → Read More

How to Transfer Your Videotapes to Your Computer


Do you have a pile of VHS videotapes taking up space in your home? Or, do you want to archive your VHS/Beta videos for posterity or easier viewing on a computer or tablet? There are many reasons why you might want to convert your video tapes to a digital format. Here’s how to do it. What You’ll Need First of all, you’ll need a VCR (VHS or Beta, depending on what kind of tapes you want to convert). You’ll also need a computer. I used a Windows PC, but you → Read More

How to Lower Your Cable or Satellite TV Bill is mainly devoted to alternatives to cable TV and satellite.  However, even I have to admit that for some people, cable and satellite are the only options.  You might live far from TV transmitters.  Or, you might be a sports fan who wants to see teams other than the home teams broadcast on your local stations.  In these cases, you probably need cable or satellite. But, all is not lost.  You can still negotiate to lower your monthly cable/satellite/Internet/phone bill, sometimes with no decrease in channels or services! 1. → Read More

30 Amazing Things to Do Instead of Watching TV

At, I try to provide lots of alternative sources of free and cheap TV, so that you are not forced to pay the high cost of cable and satellite TV. But in this article, I’m going to talk about some free and cheap activities to do instead of watching TV altogether. You see, once I got rid of cable TV, I watched less TV overall, and I don’t regret that at all. Americans watch an average of over four hours of TV per day. When you look back on your life, → Read More

Opinion: The Hidden Benefit of Dropping Cable TV


When we think about dropping cable or satellite TV, it’s usually because of the cost.  After all, many people spend $700 to $1000 or even more per year on cable TV.  But after two years without cable, I’ve noticed another benefit which is perhaps even more valuable than the money: I watch less TV. You might think, that just proves that cable had better programs!!  Yes, cable did have some channels that I miss such as the History Channel and Discovery Channel.  But actually, I can get a whole season of → Read More

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In this site, I share tips and tricks on how to get free and cheap TV, legally. If you want to learn about how I got into cable-cutting, read my story here. For more information on free and cheap TV, please check out the main site, For more of my tips and tricks, see my other site, If you have a question or comment, please leave a comment on the comment forms on any page. I respond to all questions. I hope this site has been helpful to → Read More