High-Performance Flat Antennas As Good as the Mohu Leaf

HD Frequency Cable Cutter Antennas

If you are looking for an indoor antenna, or if your existing antenna is not pulling in all of the channels that you want, check out the  HD Frequency Cable Cutter antennas.

I recently got a chance to test out the HD Frequency Cable Cutter and Cable Cutter Mini antennas (in full disclosure I received these evaluation samples for free).

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These are flat metal antennas that have performance on par with the Mohu Leaf (and in some cases, better), but can be used indoors or outdoors to get even better performance. Because they are flat, they can be easily attached to the side of a building or on a balcony with no mounting pole, or you can simply hang them on an indoor wall.

Cable Cutter antennas with the Mohu Leaf
Cable Cutter Mini on top, Cable Cutter on Right, and Mohu Leaf bottom left.

I did thorough testing against the Mohu Leaf indoors, and found that the performance was comparable. In particular, my Leaf was having trouble getting CBS (a Hi-VHF channel). The Cable Cutters got CBS with no problem and seemed to be better at getting the lower-numbered channels.

If used outdoors, the Cable Cutter performance should be even better.

HD Frequency Cable Cutter Antenna Test
My Test Setup

Amazingly, the tiny Cable Cutter Mini performed just as good as its big brother in my testing, proving that “size matters not”. So, if you want to save some money and want a less obtrusive antenna, check out the Mini.

Each antenna includes a detachable 14-foot coax cable.

Cable Cutter Mini

If you don’t have an antenna yet and your stations are less than 25 miles away, I would recommend the Cable Cutter Minifor $49 on Amazon.  If you have some flaky channels with the Mohu Leaf, it also might be worth giving the Cable Cutter Mini a try.

For stations up to 50 miles away, check out the full-size Cable Cutter. I have not personally tested it with stations over 25 miles away, but the reviews on Amazon are excellent.

Like the Leaf, these are made in the U.S!

Note that if you do mount any antenna outdoors, you should be learn how to properly ground it to protect your equipment and yourself from lightning.

What was your experience like with the HD Frequency Cable Cutter antennas? Please comment below! – Brian


  • April Sigler

    I live at 64068…we have a small house surrounded by 7 big trees. Reception is poor most of the time with most channels especially when trees are full of leaves. We keep our flat antenna horizontal on the tv stand about hip level. We live on a very busy street and also the jouse only about 15 ft from the rd. One thing that we’ve noticed is that the signal breaks up when vehicles drive by. The street in north of the house and station toward are SSW. In your opinion, where would be the best place for the antenna?

  • Rick

    my name is Rick. I live in the middle of the boonies. I took to start from plates cover them with aluminum foil. When I was on the roof antenna I received three channels. Now that I’m hooked to the styrofoam plates above my TV I now receive 19 channels. Never again will I buy an antenna.

    • Hi Rick,

      Awesome!!!!! Thanks for sharing this!!!


    • Rickine

      can you share a little more detail or a step by step? please?

  • anonymous

    I tried a flat indoor antenna and was disappointed. I did receive plenty of channels, most of which I don’t want, but some of the ones I do want, like PBS pixilate from time to time. I am quite limited as to where I can place an antenna. About the only place is to hang it on the wall above the TV. It looks ugly and I have that pixilation problem from time to time. I want to cut the cable cord but it looks like I’m stuck. :-( Is there anything else I can do?

    • Sorry it didn’t work so well for you. Unfortunately, the TV signals are just not strong enough to reach everyone, and some folks will get poor reception. Here are somethings to try:

      You could also put a framed picture over the antenna to hide it.


    • Barbara

      Try positioning the antenna flat and directly on top of the tv. After months of fussing, repositioning, etc. to the point that i was ready to personally become Ms. ALUMINUM FOIL, i finally just tossed the ant atop the tv until i could safely stomp it to death. VIOLA…great reception!
      If you must keep it on the wall, consider covering it with a picture or embossing made from an ALUMINUM pizza pie plate. YAAAA-Usss!

      • HI Barbara,

        Great tips! Thank you for sharing!


    • Barbara

      Also run two or three scans while keeping the ones you’ve aready captured.

  • Jim

    I live 50+ miles from most stations(48060). I use antennaspectrum 813 amplified antenna indoors. I get 2-8 stations depending on weather and time of day. Would the new cable cutter work any better?

    • Hi Jim,

      I don’t think the Cable Cutter would get you more channels than the antenna you are using, unfortunately. It’s hard to say for sure though. If you do try it, make sure you get it from somewhere with a good return policy.


  • Crystal

    I don’t live that far from the stations I want (92101). I want to be able to get CBS, NBC, ABC and it just won’t catch! I’ve moved it all around my apartment and nothing. I tried both the Amazon extreme performance ultra thin antenna AND the Cable Cutter Mini. What am I doing wrong???

    • Hi Crystal,

      At your location, you should be able to get at least some of those local channels. I don’t think it’s a problem with the antenna, but rather a setup problem. Try some of these troubleshooting steps:

      Good luck,

  • Chet

    I live in area code 08867. Did some research and bought the MOHU Leaf wich I see you highly recommend. I tried it a several locations of the home but have just boxed it up to return because I got no reception at all. I assume I would have to go with a rooftop model? i was hoping to get an indoor model for each TV. Thanks

    • Hi Chet,

      Yeah, the reception in your area is not that good. A rooftop model might help. But as you did before, get one that you can return.


  • Mario

    I don’t understand most technical terms and the like. I built an indoor antenna and currently receive about 34 channels. I looked at the Station Finder and entered my zip code and it states I should only get like 5 channels and the rest are coded red. My question is, being that you know more about this subject, my zip code is 25401. I get 34 channels now with a homemade antenna made with a board and strategically placed metal coat hangers. With my zip code, 25401, could you look to see if I would possibly get more stations if I bought say a Mohu Leaf or other similar flat antenna? I’d appreciate your help. Thanks.

    • Hi Mario,

      Congratulations on your handiwork!

      I seriously doubt you would get more channels with a Leaf. Stick with what you have – it works!


  • David

    I live over 30 miles from the nearest T.V. station. I found some antennas at my neighbourhood Wal-Mart and NONE-OF-THEM, worked. Where could I find this antenna?

    • Hi David,

      In your case, I would actually recommend an amplified antenna, or adding an amplifier to one of your existing antennas. Mohu sells one called the Jolt, which you can get at Amazon..

      Also, I have added links to the article to where you can get the Cable Cutter antennas on Amazon.